Public Mint

February 20th 5pm US Central (11pm UTC)



Whitelist Mint

On January 18th at 4pm US CENTRAL a snapshot of all Genesis Token holder addresses will be logged and holders will be granted a free mint from The Ethvaders collection launching on Ethereum. One free mint per wallet will be awarded, disregarding the amount of Genesis Tokens held.


The mint of The Ethvaders NFT will be hosted exclusively on our website .
You can go mint here.
Don´t get scammed, please don´t click on any other links.
We do not have other websites.


You need to set up your Metamask.
Please be sure to have your wallet setup in advance to have a successful mint.



All Genesis Collection holders will be granted Whitelist Status and have the opportunity to mint their Ethvader NFT for free for 24 hours ahead of the public. Join our Discord.


*To see the mint details visit our Mint section.

Mint 25%

Giveaway of 20 Ethvader tokens will be randomly airdropped to wallets that participated in the mint and are holders at the moment.

Mint 85%

Release and deployment of the Marketing budget for media campaign with the objective of increasing awareness and rising the floor price.

Mint 100%

  • The initial DAO Treasury Fund will be released for The Ethvaders DAO Fund development.
  • The Ethvaders DAO Fund framework for community self-governance and mission execution.


Once the mint is over, all the Ethvader holders will have the following benefits:

  • Voting rights to the The Ethvaders DAO Fund when launched.
  • Royalty and Investment earnings trough The Ethvaders DAO Fund ownership
  • Access to VIP benefits and status inside the metaverse on interoperable networks like Sandbox, Decentraland, etc.
  • Exclusive benefits from our Partnership Program, for real world and in-person interactions.
  • Join private events and auctions open only to Ethvader holders.
  • Direct Whitelist status for upcoming web3.0 projects from The Ethvader Dev Team and upcoming collections from partner projects.


The Ethvaders DAO Fund

Each of our NFTs, in addition to being a cool pixel-art collectible, is a unique token that will grant a proportional share and voting rights of The Ethvaders DAO Fund when launched.

The DAO will be funded through 50% of all the royalty fees collected each time a token is transacted after the initial mint on OS and an additional starting fund of 5% of the total initial minting proceeds.

The main purpose of The Ethvaders DAO Fund is to invest, push forward and support the innovators, entrepreneurs and creators of the web3.0 ecosystem (NFTs, Metaverse, Blockchain, etc).
All investment decisions will be taken through the voting of token holders.


The Ethvaders NFT

Is a collection of 10,000 AI-generated unique collectible pixel-art NFTs. Our collection is inspired by the legendary videogame that kicked-off the gaming industry and helped it go mainstream in the 80s and 90s.

We believe we are currently in a similar moment for the NFT space and we want to help push the NFT ecosystem to go mainstream.







Price: .049eth
The Public Mint is now open, you can mint up to 5 Ethvaders per transaction.